An example to follow

An example to follow in Trébeurden: The story of Multimono “BAG AN HOLL” in Pink Granit country: a few figures presented by Christophe Ooghe, head of Trébeurden sailing club.

– In 2013, the Trébeurden sailing club management committee bought a puzzle kit + the rig with lazy-bag option, 6 oars, two rigged wings and two deliveries from Pornic to Trébeurden.

– The Brittany Regional council, the Département Council, Lannion Town Committee and Trébeurden Town Hall all participated in the investment.

– For an open and educational building project, Gilles, the club instructor, welcomed the different groups 25h/week. 
- Approximately 50 people were delighted to be involved in the project, from building the boat to launching it in early June 2014.

– On average, 3/5 people were present for each half-day, coordinated by the instructor responsible for the building project.

– 23 weeks of work: 69 days worked, 414 hours to build the boat.

– During the season, the boat welcomed 519 people onboard, during 84 “sailing trips” (2-3h) and 8 “sunset” trips.

The club is delighted with the work and the way the boat sails. It is a great experience for all involved. They have shared their adventure on their blog: Two videos of their adventure filmed for TV-Trégor are also available: “La naissance de Bag An Holl”, “Bag an Holl se jette à l’eau!” ».

This example is a perfect illustration of the spirit of the Eco Nautic Challenge, which we would like to develop with you to create a national current and pass on our passion!


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