The boat’s story

The Multimono was designed by Claude Martinuzzi. Mr Pascal Conq, architect of Michel Desjoyaux’s boat PRB in 2000 (Groupe Finot/Conq), is its technical sponsor.

A former sports teacher, Claude Martinuzzi was the skipper of “Europe Auberge de jeunesse” during the Sailing Tour de France. He also set up the “School Traditional Boats Meet”, which became the “Young Sailor Challenge 2000”. 55 towns in France took part in this event, which brought together boats built during educational projects. And now this enthusiastic sailor has created the Multimono. The boat is designed for educational, family or collective events. Claude Martinuzzi soon felt the need to invent a simple, cheap concept that could be used to teach youngsters, be fun, warm hearts and bring life on to the water.

The Multimono is a “modular, versatile boat that adapts to the weather and the crew”.


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