A tiller in hand or puzzle kit boat

The PUZZLE KIT: Different to the stitch & tape method, this technique uses digital cutting, which is reassuring and ensures a perfect assembly of the MULTIMONO. It built from certified eco-friendly plywood and epoxy. The Multimono is in tune with current environmental concerns. It has been improved since 2009, and is now entirely made in France from wood sourced from planted forests, and equipped with fittings from the Cantal region.

We work with the Résoltech range, a very versatile resin, and their mastic does not use dangerous fillers. The step-by-step gluing process is carried out directly on the boat, while other parts are fitted dry while the resin cures

There are currently 35 successful builds around the world, thanks to a video and assembly guide, improved by our customers’ experiences for 10 years.

Some examples, amongst many others:

Marseille – March 2014: The Marseille Sea Scouts built their boat in a retirement home, in a beautiful dialogue between young and old. It was their first experience building a boat that meets their needs: “the Swiss penknife of the sea”.

Trébeurden – Spring 2014: One job created to coordinate and manage the project led by Trébeurden Sailing Club. 41 volunteers worked on the boat. People from very different backgrounds took part, sometimes bringing their tools! Young and less young, in difficult situations or not, some pensioners, everyone came to be part of the project and built a VERY PRETTY boat, putting a lot of love into it. Thank you to the leader, who set the level high so that everyone gave the best of themselves.

Mayotte – Spring 2014: One job created to coordinate the building project with the Child Protection authorities, the Offshore Yacht Club and the Marine Park. Jean Christophe writes how the “little guys” change, forgetting the time and working carefully on their masterpiece! Happy, higher self-esteem, and with something positive and strong to talk about.

Sanguinet (Landes) – 2014: A second puzzle kit assembled in 4 months. Several original concepts here: 11 co-owners came together for the building project and to sail more! They had a strict rule: In September and October, the boats are lent to Sanguinet’s primary schools!

Soissons – 2009-2012: A building project to reintegrate young people from the Child Protection authorities and Children’s homes. The teenagers have become happy and accomplished young adults with higher self-esteem, and who will start their adult lives strengthened by this project and proud of their masterpiece. The team involved many great people of all ages. Patience, willpower and emotions.

MONTREAL – 2009: A building project chosen by the Montreal School Board to encourage skill sharing between 9 professional schools… a success. Launched in 2012. A project that “impressed” the Quebecois, both for the “quality of the kit” as the “seaworthyness of the Multimono”.

The Multimono is a versatile lifting centreboard dinghy, for sailing, rowing and motoring with a 30 hp engine, to train and supervise novice sailors. It is the most cost effective solution for sailing clubs! Our customers will confirm this: the UCPA sailing schools, FFV clubs, families, social centres, the Montreal School Board…

In the sailing clubs that use the Multimono, instructors are happy to become captains and take 10 trainees on board to sail safely and enjoy the sensations, learning in a fun way thanks to the outriggers! Making people want to come back to the next session is how skills and passion are passed on.

With its 4 fore sails, jib/staysail/gennaker/spinnaker, as well as a mainsail with 3 reefs, the Multimono can sail even in windy conditions! 400 litres of central ballast that automatically fill and empty are available when needed. The Multimono meets CE standards in category C, for 11 crew and category D with children on board.

For adventurers, the wings are there to have fun at all ages and get a taster of multihull sensations. For a progressive approach, it can be used as a rowing or motor boat, with a 30 hp engine for fishing trips or nature observation. If you love fishing, you can go to pick up your crab pots early in the morning, under sail or with the 30 hp outboard engine, before your children head off sailing with their friends…  

For camping enthusiasts, the Multimono adapts to your needs and leaves you with great memories.

The boat can go anywhere with its centreboard up, and can be towed with no special permit with a 100 hp car.

The Multimono is a large dinghy that packs all the fun of sailing with a family, single handed or with 10 friends in one boat!   Indeed, the Multimono’s stability and huge cockpit enable you to enjoy all that fun with friends and family, to play with the wind and get back on time thanks to the outboard engine.

The Multimono 7.5 was also designed to be the Eco Nautic Challenge teaching tool, and makes the dream reality for boat building projects. See the Eco Nautic Challenge page.

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