The secrets of the Multimono

Lightweight and easy to transport: The Multimono is so easy to launch and transport because of its light weight, with or without an engine, and the shape of the hull, that slides easily on the trailer rollers. A great advantage when moorings are hard to find and you wish to use your boat all year round, even on lakes and rivers. A practical tip: the entire rig fits into the boat, and unstepping the mast is easy, even when still on the water.

Can go everywhere:  The Multimono enables you to explore all bodies of water, and sail in 40 cm of water, while tacking at 65° of the wind, with no centreboard. With the centreboard lowered (1.70m), the boat tacks up to 45° of the wind.

Quick to rig: the Multimono is ready in 15 minutes from the trailer !

Surprising stability: Inspired by the robust “Saintoises” that go out in the Atlantic swell, the Multimono’s exemplary seaworthiness is due to its long V-shaped hull (7.50m) and steps which give it great form stability and low windage as well as excellent deflection thanks to the original shape of the bow and chines. The secret is especially the ability to add weight to the boat’s centre of gravity with a 400L central ballast, (automatic filling and emptying), which is easy to adapt to your needs (4x100L).

Safetyself-bailing + unsinkable: There is no water onboard the Multimono: the cockpit is fully self-bailing, when underway and when moored! If teenagers mess around and capsize, it is easy to right, because we have thought of everything: light rig, large floatation volume, even at the top of the sail, and with the ballast filled, it will right itself, and there will be no water to bail out before setting off again! When you capsize unballasted, you must get on to the centreboard to right the boat and you will easily set off again, outside help not required.

The rig choice: “Modern gunter rig” with a very peaked head. This rig enables the use of a short and lightweight mast (6.4m and 10kg) than can be unstepped at sea. Stepping the mast is child’s play. All the solutions are simplified and scaled back, and it works very well, to our customers’ great satisfaction. Aesthetically pleasing and easy to use, the mast is modern, with a 5m and 2.6 kg carbon and glass fibre gaff (1.8 kg for the full carbon version).   It makes a huge difference. The rig stores on the seats for transport and rowing. 15 minutes is all it takes to set up a full camp.

For sporty sailing, the Multimono has a retractable bowsprit and a powerful asymmetric spinnaker. The boat is favoured by a planing hull and light weight, compared to keelboats that carry lead! Inspired by the Caribbean “Saintoises”, you will discover how efficient and fun using wings can be, safely increasing the efficiency of hiking in blustery conditions. The wings are folded up in 1 minute and are re-set in the same way: practical for entering harbours.

A boat that should be sailed all year round: sailing, rowing, sculling, dragon boat, water jousting, water skiing, creek crawling, committee boat, sailing festivals (e.g. Semaine du Golfe), etc… The Multimono will fulfil all your wildest dreams!


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