Multimono 7.50

Characteristics :

Length: 7.50m

Beam: 2.29m – 4.3m with the wings

Draft: 0.3m – 1.70m (lifting centreboard and rudder)

Unloaded weight: 700kg

Automatic filling and emptying liquid ballast (4 x 100L)

1 to 6 rowers

Camping from 2 to 6 persons

Outboard motor until 30cv

spacious cockpit , comfortable, reassuring

11 lockers + 4 ballasts

Self-righting when ballasted, self-bailing (at sea and moored)

Unsinkable: double bottom hull + foam

Can be towed on a trailer, and launched without wetting the axle

Rating Light weight sport boat 995 (French Sailing Federation rating)

Architect: Claude Martinuzzi

Sailing category: C – D CE Standards 11 to 13 people

Rigging and sail plan:

Mainsail 25m², 3 reefs

Jib 7.5m² with 1 reef

5.6m² staysail

Asymmetric spinnaker : 30m²
Gennaker: 16m²

«Houari Moderne» rigging for elegance and easy masting by only 1 person

Retractable Bowsprit

High and light boom

Waterproof mast + 40L of foam

International export of assembled boat: Transport in a 40 foot container on trailer or RORO (2.30 x 8.20/ Height 1.80m)

For international export of boat in puzzle kit: Transport in 2 crates (3.15 x 1.55 x 0.30m; 6.50 x 0.70 x 0.70m)


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